ialc - International Association Logging Championships


ialc - The World Association for Logging Championships

The ialc is the world association of national organisations working for Logging Championships - they organise the world championships in logging. The number of participating national teams at the World Championships is now so great that the hosting of the World Cup reqires a professional organisation with a powerful, international planning. That applies for the sponsors as well. The International Association Logging Championships ialc is an association established according to Swiss law and with headquarters in Basel. The ialc is supported by its members.  

Tasks and Goals

The aim of the ialc is professional, effective and successful organisation of the World Logging Championships every two years. We offer an attractive competition, which appeals to many people, we raise public interest for forest work and attract the sponsors. The negotiation with the sponsors and the signing of binding contracts is another task of ialc. A lively sports spirit, internationally binding rules and precise measurement instruments are other elements of our work.